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Goldie’s Super STEMy Reading List for Budding Scientists, Inventors, and Engineers

That extra family time around the holidays is magical, but can prove exhausting – how do you fill every hour of the day with something fun and engaging? What toy, game, or activity provides a never-ending supply of exciting content? And how could it possibly appeal to everyone? We’ve got a fun concept for you: […]

Win Some Extra Holiday Cheer with GoldieBlox + Epic!

We are making someone’s holiday season a little brighter by teaming up with Epic! to give away a free year of reading with Epic!, plus the Goldie Blox Zipline and Ruby Rails Skydive action figures! To enter, click on the screenshot below to head to Epic!’s website. Find their Female Leads list, and surf the awesome, […]

Fast-Forward Girls 2015

At GoldieBlox, we champion two things: good old fashioned play, and strong, confident, and creative role models. After all, she can only be it if she can see it. With the launch of Fast-Forward Girls 2015, we’re celebrating today’s role models and the generation of girls they’ve inspired – the girls who have broken the […]

The Next Generation: the YouTube Celebs from Fast-Forward Girls 2015

Fast-Forward is all about girls. This year, GoldieBlox was lucky enough to have some of the biggest YouTube talent join us in our celebration of girl power. But these girls aren’t just playing role models in the video – they are role models. These are the girls that are pushing us into the future. Read […]

Giving Tuesday 2015: Goldie Gives Back

It’s Giving Tuesday, and we’re putting our toys where our mouth is. We want to make sure that children everywhere have the opportunity to learn, build, and grow with toys and experiences like GoldieBlox. Today, we’re making that happen. We’re partnering with to match every dollar spent with a dollar donated. That means that […]

GIVEAWAY: Learn to Code with GoldieBlox & DK!

Exciting news! Because of the wild success of our newest action figure, Ruby Rails, we’ve decided to celebrate with a giveaway! And what better to feature than some coding resources so your girls and boys can code just like Ruby? Named after a programming language, Ruby is a coder herself. After strapping on her parachute, […]

5 Firsts for Women in the Military

Happy Veterans Day to all our friends, family, and fans who have served the United States. Whether with us or not, we’re taking today to think of you and the ones that you love. As the armed forces expand and become more inclusive, we’d like to take a moment to recognize five women from history […]

More Than Just a Sidekick

Hollywood has a representation problem. A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lawrence told us that she made far less than her male costars, and admitted that she knew it was because she was a woman, but didn’t quite know how to fix it. A few months ago, Viola Davis told us in the plainest words possible […]

“Votes for Women!” – a Short History of Suffrage in the US

Happy Election Day, US friends! Today’s the day that people everywhere stop by the polls and choose which politicians they want to represent them. Although this day has become symbolic of the democratic process, it wasn’t always about equality – only a hundred years ago did women earn the right to vote. How did we get […]

What Happened #OnThisDay in October?

Wait – October is already over? That was fast! Throughout the month, we’ve highlighted some historical women who have contributed to politics, medicine, sport, psychology, and everything in between. In case you missed any of these awesome accomplishments, we’ve gathered them here for a little end-of-the-month review. #OnThisDay in 1897, Florence Seibert, who laid the […]