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This Week in Girl Power: Doctor Who, RBG & Star Trek

My inner nerd is geeking out over this blog post! This week is all about the film industry – so be prepared for some hardcore Netflix binging and movie dates, because women are currently shattering stereotypes in Hollywood. Jodie Whittaker is taking on the role of the first ever female Doctor Who in the show’s […]

This Week in Girl Power: Malala, Serena Williams & Sandra Oh

It may be Friday the 13th, but this week’s news is anything but spooky. In fact, this blog is full of women changing the game (literally & figuratively!). It’s a reminder that no matter your age, whether you’re 13, 21, or 36, you have the ability to impact the world in huge ways. Don’t ever forget […]

This Week In Girl Power: Black Panther Actress & Twitter Empowerment

Whew! Some HUGE happenings this week in the world of news. From Twitter battles to real life superheroes to even more inspiring women, but we’re not complaining. From film to real life, Letitia Wright is encouraging young girls to pursue careers in STEM all while changing the scientist stereotype. Photo: Gage Skidmore First, if you […]

This Week In Girl Power: Elastigirl & The 10-year-old Engineering Genius

This week was one for the books in terms of girl power, from box offices to the music industry and back to Hollywood, feminism all over the world is proving that the best way to make change happen is to support your fellow females. The Incredibles 2 promotes a powerful feminist message. Photo: Disney Pixar […]

The Best Business Advice I Ever Received…In 4 Words

Starting a business in some ways can be a lot like raising a child. From the moment you tell the world, “I’m having a baby!” or, “I’m starting a company!,” you have officially opened the floodgates for people to weigh in with their (often unsolicited) advice. And that advice is pretty much always incredibly conflicting […]

3 DIY Christmas Ornaments to Make with your Family

Call me sappy, but I LOVE the holidays because they’re rooted in family traditions. Every year, my family and I make Christmas ornaments to represent important events or memories from the last 12 months. Like when my kids were born, we turned their hospital bracelets into little ornamental globes. (And yes, I STILL cry when […]

6 Totally Fun and Kid-Friendly DIY Menorahs to Make This Hanukkah

A few days ago as I started to plan my annual Hanukkah party, I realized this year is going to be a lot different from all the others because this year, I have a KID! And since my husband and I have chosen to raise our son in a dual-faith household, I want to make […]

ICYMI: Male Engineering Student Pens Powerful Letter We All Should Read

A couple of weeks ago, a male mechanical engineering student from Eastern University penned a powerful letter explaining why his female classmates are not his equals. Yep, you read that correctly. Except, THIS letter is definitely worth reading:   What do you think? Share your thoughts with us! Originating source: GOOD Media   SaveSave SaveSave […]

Gear Up as Goldie this Halloween (+ Printable)!

The spookiest day of the year is almost here! How many times has your little one changed his or her mind about their costume? Well, if you’re looking for a particular girl-power outfit this season, we’ve got your last minute Halloween hack right here! Above are three of our favorite Goldie costumes for inspiration: Isabella, […]

Who Was Ada Lovelace? 7 Facts About the World’s First Programmer

October 10th is Ada Lovelace Day! Ada lived in the early 19th century, but only in the past fifty years or so has she been recognized as a pioneer in science and math. On a day that celebrates women in STEM, we want to take a look back and honor Ada, the woman who came […]