SOCAP, Here we come!

Big news, everybody: I have been awarded a scholarship to attend the SOCAP Conference the first week in October! I will be one of the featured entrepreneurs — here is my profile. This is an awesome opportunity for me to explore the impact GoldieBlox can make and get to know other entrepreneurs who are also going for more than just profit.

SOCAP asked me many questions about myself and my drive to start GoldieBlox. It really got me thinking about the issue that we’re addressing, and why should people care. I mean, why does it matter that more girls get into engineering?

Well here’s the thing; engineers affect everything we do on a daily basis. The fact that you are all able to read this post right now on a computer/phone/ipad is thanks to a the collaborative effort of many generations of engineers. The shower you used this morning, the mode of transportation you took to work, the vending machine you got your mid-morning snack from, the satellite your text message to mom bounced off of; all built by engineers.

So engineers determine a lot of our daily activities. They are also 89% male. That means that men, who make up half the population, are making decisions for 100% of the population. We’re missing the perspective of the other 50%. Well, 51% to be exact.

In order to build our future responsibly, we need the female perspective in engineering. We need to give our girls the chance to contribute to their world. Unfortunately, as it stands, most girls lose interest in math and science by age 8. Math and science are the backbones of engineering. While boys have a plethora of science-loving role models to follow, from Sid the Science Kid to Bob the Builder to Thomas the Train to Jimmy Neutron, our girls have none. Goldie is here to give them one.

Will all girls who play with GoldieBlox grow up to be engineers? Probably not, but that’s not the point. Do all boys who play with Legos and watch Dexter’s Laboratory become engineers? No, but that’s because it’s a consequence of choice, not of ignorance. In order to get rid of the ignorance, we need to open up the world of engineering for our girls from a young age. If they then make a choice to become a world-traveling journalist, fantastic, but at least they will have made the choice. GoldieBlox gives our girls the ability to choose their own path and build their own future.

We launch in less than one week from today through Kickstarter. You can help your girls become the builders of their own destiny. By signing up to be a Goldie Ambassador here, you are given the tools to help spread the word and get Goldie in the hands of as many girls as humanly possible. Help us give choice to the next generation.

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