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An Apology To My Future Daughter

Dearest Zelda (daughter),

I apologize that I’m going to have to lie to you.
I’m afraid there is a 99.99% chance you won’t grow up to be a princess.
I’m afraid I would rather you become an engineer.

I apologize that I wanted to have a boy.
I was afraid I’d lose you too quickly to Miley Cyrus and a biker boyfriend.
I was under the impression you would be taken advantage of.
I was afraid you wouldn’t be into building stuff.
I was afraid you wouldn’t want to build a treehouse with me.

I apologize that our toy store still looks like it did in the 1950’s.
I was afraid that you wouldn’t like ninja turtles and hot wheels.
I was afraid that you only liked stuffed animals and princesses.
I was under the impression that “the pink aisle” had changed.
I was under the impression that female role models existed to balance out the Barbie beauty queens, and that Bob the Builder and Lego Man weren’t the only options.
I apologize that our country has fallen behind 200 other countries where girls are actually testing better than boys in math and science.

I apologize that I haven’t done more to help improve the world for women.
I was under the impression that little girls grew up and had the same opportunities as men in the US workforce.
I was under the impression that LGBTQ and racial rights were the only ones that needed to improve.
I was afraid that being a feminist was not for men.
I was afraid that helping little girls might seem creepy.

I am done apologizing.
I am no longer afraid nor easily impressed.
I am inspired.

I am disrupting the pink aisle.

I am joining my wife, Debra Sterling (Mom), on her mission to inspire the next generation of female engineers.
I am joining GoldieBlox.
I am doing something to make sure my daughter will know that she is more than just a princess.

Beau (Dad)