And The Finalists Are…

Good morning! Did everyone have a good Halloween?

Now, what were we going to do here… I know that there’s a reason for this blog post…

OH RIGHT. Time to announce the Top 4 5 finalists of the Goldie Girl Power Halloween Costume Contest! We were going to have four initially, but everybody’s costumes were just so fantastic that we couldn’t narrow it down! (No, seriously. We just spent all weekend debating this. Hashtag the struggle.)

And the top 5 are…

Stella Marcotte as Captain Marvel!



Elena Kallenberg as Wonder Woman!



Tegan and Tatum Thompson as Super Goldies!


Lilia Boukhris as Zita the Spacegirl!


Elsa Andres as Rosie the Riveter!


Congratulations, superstars! Each of you will receive a GoldieBlox gift basket.

But as for the finalist and the winner of our grand prize Toys “R” Us Shopping spree, that’s up to all of you…

Vote for your favorite! free polls 

Voting will be closed on Wednesday and the winner announced that same day! Share this post to get the word out.

Thank you to all of our incredible entries! We were overjoyed to see so many amazing costumes, and so many totally thrilled wearers of said costumes. Check out the other costumes by scrolling through our Facebook wall, and be sure to comment on the ones that you like best :) We’ll be putting up an album of all of the entries after the contest is over.

2 thoughts on “And The Finalists Are…

  1. Thanks for this super contest! These are some of the most fierce little girls I have ever seen – just amazing! Hard to vote for just 1; I loved Rosie, but that also dates me, so I had to chose another.

    Keep up the great work for girls and women everywhere!

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