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Holy Axles, We Won!

We won Intuit’s Small Business, Big Game Challenge, and we’re going to have an ad in the biggest game of the season! THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH.

We can’t repeat it enough: thank you, thank you, thank you, muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, gratias tibi. We are just so grateful that you — yes, you — helped us get to the Big Game.

We’re just 15 people, but 18 months ago we were one person with a dream. And now we’re going to have a 30 second ad spot in the biggest game of the season? What? How? AHH?

And the most gratifying thing is that we’re here because you want us to be. You voted, and many of you voted every day, and here we are. We’re just floored by that.

We’ll see you on Sunday! Are you ready for this? (We may not be ready for this, emotionally. I suspect there will be abject joy-gratitude-ohmygosh-feelings-weeping.)



Read about it on AP, and see a fantastic profile of all Top 4 finalists on Inc. The story is also on CNN, ABC, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Huffington Post… really, anywhere you’d like to read about it, you can. Pick your favorite publication!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t thank Intuit, the makers of such wildly helpful software like QuickBooks and TurboTax, for even giving small businesses this huge opportunity. We’re thrilled to be the first small business to be able to be seen at the big game alongside big brands, and can’t wait to see what you do with this initiative next year!

And please, if you have a second, go check out our fellow Top 4. Barley Labs, Locally Laid Egg Company, and POOP (you heard us — POOP) are amazing companies doing incredible work, and their founders are just as awesome as their company initiatives. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

One more time: thank you!

Team Goldie

  1. I worked as a software engineer for nearly 30 years. For a few of those years I was heavily involved with my company’s annual “Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day”. But something always seemed to be lacking (e.g., how does building the strongest stick bridge translate back to the girls’ every day life?).

    Engineering has to be fun for more than just a day. Girls need to see how their knowledge of engineering can be used to make the world a better place. While boys engineer for engineering’s sake (e.g., look at this cool gadget!), girls need context for their engineering (i.e., what is the point?) I always wondered how to get girls excited about solving problems to make the world better; Team Goldie discovered the key: an engaging story (and lovable characters) to provide context (i.e., purpose) for the engineering.

    It starts with a dunk tank to clean a dog … perhaps it will lead to a design for readily available sources of clean water for children living in places without them. Since access to clean water is still a huge problem despite there being so many male engineers in the world, there must be a little girl out there some where who will eventually engineer an elegant solution for the 768 million people without access to safe, clean drinking water ( The engineering toys developed by Team Goldie will start some little girl down such a path.

    Congratulations on your amazing 2013 start-up year and winning the 2014 Super Bowl small business advertising spot.

  2. First things first. Congratulations on winning the Intuit contest. I heard about GoldieBlox and the company being in the running for a Super Bowl commercial last week on NPR while driving home from work. I’ve got about an hour commute, just about the perfect amount of time to travel back into the past because that’s what the story did. It made me remember the moment I began to “hate” math and all things numbered, and had me wishing there had been a GoldieBlox around in 1984. I loved going on to study History and Psychology, but I am so happy that your crew has made it a mission to “disrupt the Pink Aisle.”

    I read about your win last night. Good luck tomorrow in spreading the word. Great, great stuff.

  3. Congratulations on your success. I wish you had been around when my daughter was young. Looking forward to buying your toys one day for the next generation.

  4. My husband and I watched your ad on youtube yesterday, and we were in tears. Didn’t expect that from an ad 🙂 Since then I have become obsessed with your company, watching more of your videos on youtube and checking out your website. My husband actually asked me a few minutes ago if I thought I would find any more stuff out about you, lol. I am studying to be a chemist and I have a little 15 month old daughter who loves to play with blocks. I can’t wait for her to be old enough to play with these toys, and I doubt I will deprive her of a single one. You go girl!!

  5. Great win with SUPER BOWL. I have a great story to tell Deborah NPR told your story and I sent GoldieBlox to my granddaughter, Katie Diederich. Her mother is Ann Dieterich a t. Intuiit. Perhaps you know her . thanks for the inspiration To all little girls and women. Jeanne Gnuse

  6. Debbie, I love your blog! I woke up this morning and saw the news on the CNN website! So of course I put it on my facebook page! I am so proud of you for being so creative! When I created Robin Cheeky I started out with drawing him with crayons trying to fnd the right look. Your sister contacted me to get Robin Cheeky’s first book, “Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys” and a Robin Cheeky tshirt she requested for a litttle boy. Having sold Robin Cheeky books to people in 42 countries form Fanueil Hall, I continue on with the third book, inspired by my Cheeky cousins- “Robin Cheeky and the Cousin Club”. Just this summer we were brainstorming all sorts of Cheeky things. But what I am trying to say is I understand all the rough, lonely, raw, development that you have gone through to get to where you are today! Your Cheeky News has made my day! You are an inspiration to all of us! Have a Cheeky Day Debbie!

  7. Loved the ad! Had to check out the site…most certainly going to be making a purchase for my great niece!
    What a wonderful way to enrich children’s lives!

  8. Just saw your commercial during Super Bowl half time. I’m the mother of a 5.5 year old little girl and I have been waiting for a toy like this to come along. Great job! Will be ordering these for everyone I know! Love that you’ve integrated the books with building – great concept.

  9. Congrats! Love that you focus on girls!!!! Can’t wait to buy some of these toys for my granddaughter!

  10. Congrats on the ad. This the best toy I’ve seen in decades. Thank you for empowering the next generation of women.

  11. That ad was awesome. The first one was great too. (That’s how I learned about you guys) And I agree, these ads make me cry. My mom was an engineering major back in the 60’s. It is a bit of a sad story that women still don’t go into engineering, science and math as majors over 40 years later. Keep up the fight to bring building toys to girls. The next generation needs it.

  12. Congratulations!! Saw your commercial during superbowl and it was awesome. I will be buying them for my granddaughter but i also think it would be great to use at our clinic as part of our occupational therapy program!!

  13. I love you product and I really liked (no LOVED) the Beasty Boys commercial and all 3 of my girls loved it – because it used their other toys in a creative way with Goldie Blox. But something about this last one really bothered my youngest which in turn bothered me. She looked at me (she has 2 Goldie Blox sets) and said, “Mommy I like pink and I like my other toys do I have to get rid of them?” I was stunned but I mean you did have them sending baby dolls into space which is what I think got her. She loves pink but she loves to build she loves to act she loves sports and I am trying to teach her it is okay to be ALL of those things. I guess my point is as women we have enough of the “mommy wars” let’s not make the “princess wars” – let’s make it okay for our girls to like all toys and be creative beautiful wonderful people inside and out. Keep making sets because they are great! Wish you had the extension set in stock – we need it!

  14. I’m probably one of million of Americans who watch the Superbowl just to see the Clydesdale horse ads. When your ad came on, I couldn’t believe it. Whoa! Something relevant and seriously cool during the Superbowl?! It was a miracle. There’s hope for America. Thanks for empowering girls. I’ll buy your toys for as many kids as I can. If Goldie Blox had been around in the 1960’s, I might have acquired the confidence to become an architect.

  15. LOVED that you won the Intuit contest. I voted for your company and was so happy when I saw the commercial last night. I look forward to buying many gifts for my niece, her friends and their friends. We NEED the inspiration. We thank you for being courageous and inviting our girls to show us more than their cooking skills!

  16. Congratulations! The Young Women’s Leadership Organizations at all 4 high schools in Rockford, Illinois applaud you and support you!!!!!! Thank you for helping us spread our commitment to change!

  17. Congratulations! The Superbowl ad was perfect! My daughters (4 and 2 year olds) and I have watched it over and over on your site today. They love it – and so do I! As a physician, I appreciate your philosophy of encouraging girls to develop interests in any and all fields open to them – especially engineering! I bought The Spinning Machine and The Parade Float for my daughters a few months ago. They loved them so much that we got 15 more to give out as birthday gifts to each of their friends throughout the coming year! It has been a true pleasure to watch and follow your journey over the past year. Some of the other comments have said it well – it’s so exciting to think about what these toys and the attitudes they inspire will lead to in the future! Thank you for being a great example of what happens when you don’t wait around for someone to do something that needs to be done, but instead, you do it yourself! And have fun doing it!

  18. Congratulations! I was so excited that Intuit had this contest—though not surprised. I worked for Intuit for many years and they truly care about small businesses. I’m also a mother of twin girls and cannot wait to start them on Goldie Box toys!

  19. The commercial is awesome and I’m in love with Goldie Blox. I don’t have daughters and my nieces are too old, but I’ll find someone to buy for, I have to, it’s just too awesome.

  20. Awesome commercial! I was so surprised to see that you won! I’m the illustrator that did your storyboards for this contest. I just found out that you won by seeing that your commercial was in the Super Bowl!!
    I’m really happy for you all of you there!

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