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Gameplay Tips for the Rocket Cupcake Co. App

Our Arcade Hero – um, we mean Director of Game Design, Jenna Chalmers – has some tips and tricks to get the most out of our newest app, Adventures in Coding – The Rocket Cupcake Company.


Maps are procedurally generated. If you play a level again, you will get a new map.

Huh? That means if your coder gets stuck on a hard level, they can go back and play previous, easier levels – and each time, they’ll get a new puzzle!



Enter the commands to direct Goldie from the start to the end. The end is marked with the red pin with the gold star. The directional commands (arrows) are across the bottom of the screen on blue buttons. Use these to send Goldie off in the correct direction from each intersection.

(Note: The game uses absolute (cardinal) directions, not relative to the direction Goldie is facing.)

Tap a command and it will appear at the end of the queue. Drag the command from the bottom bar to insert it into the queue. To delete a command, drag it out of the queue.



If you make a mistake, the command that failed will appear in red in the queue.


Goldie will need a directional command at intersections (where two paths meet). You do not need to direct her around corners.


Use the Fix-It-Ray to remove blockers (spilled milk, angry cat, construction worker). Use the directional command first, and then the Fix-It-Ray. It will show in the queue as a sub-command to be executed during the directional command.

Dropping Off Loot

In the levels where you have to drop off loot at baskets, you will automatically drop the appropriate loot and hold on to any other loot until you roll over the appropriate basket

Jumping to the End

Use the Red Pin command to jump to the end. If it makes sense for your code, you can use this command more than once in the queue.

Green Pins

The Drop Pin command will place the green pin at that location. The Go To Pin command will jump Goldie to the location of the dropped pin.

If you drop more pins, it will move the pin to a new location. Only one green pin will be on the map at a time.

One star is earned for completing the map. One star is for collecting all the loot. One star is for efficient coding with no extra commands.


In Sandbox, you can play endless coding puzzles at four levels of difficulty. You can also create a new puzzle using the tuning variables you set.

Parents Area

In the Parents Area you can “reset” the game which will remove all the earned stars and stickers

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