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How to Set Up Your GoldieBlox GoFundMe Campaign

We want to bring STEM to classrooms all over the country. If you’re a teacher, educator, club leader, parent, or supporter of education, you can start a GoFundMe campaign with these seven steps to get more STEM to students you care about!

Step #1: Start your campaign by clicking here

GolideBlox campaigns must start via this link to qualify for the matching promotion!

Step #2: Determine your fundraising goal

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 4.45.39 PM

Select one or more of the following kits:

·  Kindergarten – Making Motion (12 students, $150)
·  1st grade – Learning with Levers (12 students, $150)
·  2nd grade – DIY Designs (12 students, $150)
·  3rd grade – Playing with Prototypes (8 students, $150)

Your goal should be the number of kits you need multiplied by $150. Now enter that number in the green box, shown above!

Step #3: Name your campaign, add your zipcode, and pick a color

Stumped on how to name your campaign? We came up with a few samples:

·  Help Get STEM Toys in Our Classroom
·  Mr. Brown’s Class Needs STEM Toys!
·  STEM Toys for Our 3rd Graders

Once you have a name, add your zipcode and choose a color to move to the next step.

Step #4: Choose a main campaign photo

Click the photo you’d like to use so it opens in a new window, then right-click to “Save As.” Upload it to your campaign. This will be the first photo that your potential donors will see!


Step #5: Personalize the “Tell Your Story” section

Click the photo you’d like to use so it opens in a new window. Then, right-click to “Save As.” Add it to the “Tell Your Story” section of your campaign to show your donors what you’re raising funds for!

Step #6: Make donating easy by adding a Wish List

You’ll find the “Create my Wish List” at the bottom of the “Tell Your Story” page. Below are some suggested Wish List items for your supporters:

  • $12 – One Student 
  • $25 – Two Students
  • $50 – Four Students
  • $150 – One Complete Kit

Step #7: Shout it from the rooftops!

You’re so close to getting GoldieBlox into a classroom that’s important to you. Thank you for fundraising!

Keep your eye on your inbox; tomorrow, you’ll get an email explaining how to get your kits.

Questions? Comments? Love letters?


  1. What a beautiful project. Thank you for this campaign platform. Would this apply to teachers/programs or homeschoolers outside the US as well? Specifically Canada?

  2. Hello. My name is Jessica from CAPEable Veterans and we are a group of veterans that does community service throughout South Florida. This past summer we teamed up with a kindergarten teacher that works for a school who has a dwindling budget. I started a go fund me for people that couldn’t make it to any of our events but we hold events in the community and we’ve been able to raise a lot of money for this program however we havent met our goal. Would our fundraiser be able to take part in what you’re doing or no because we started during the summer.

    Thank you for your time.
    Jessica Wisniewski
    CAPEable Classroom

  3. This is a wonderful opportunity! I know several teachers have asked for the specific Next Generation Science standards to which your kits align and the specific Common Core standards to which your kits correspond. Would you please consider listing them on your informational pages for the kits? For example, does the second grade kit align with Next Generation Science standard 2-PS1-2? Does it correspond to Common Core standard 2.MD.D.10?

  4. Unfortunately, due to shipping restrictions, we’re only able to have campaigns initiated from the US and Canada. So sorry for the inconvenience. But we’ll let you know as soon as we expand our offerings, Vicki!

  5. Canadian educators (homeschoolers or otherwise) are totally eligible, Tamara! These kits are optimized for groups of 12 (or pairs of 6) learners, but they’d work just as well for smaller groups.

  6. Hi Heidi! Thank you for the suggestion. Each curriculum set does come with a sheet that specifies which standards are correlated/aligned within; we understand that that information is valuable for teachers, so we’ll do our best to make it available on our site in the near future!

  7. Hi. I started a campaign and we have already reached $150 but I did not receive the email telling me what to do to get the kits.

  8. Hi I am so thankful for this program. I completed a GoFundMe page following these steps but did not recieve an email telling us how to get our kits. What do I need to do next? We have raised over $300 and with the matching will be exactly what my class needs to get started.

  9. Hi Ashley! I just passed your inquiry over to our Customer Service team; you should be getting an email from them ( with info on how to redeem your match ASAP!

  10. Hey Amanda! I passed your question and your email address over to our Customer Service team, so look out for an email from them ( on how to redeem your match funds 🙂

  11. Hi Jayme,

    I am wondering about how the donation match gets processed too.

    We are at $190 of $600.


  12. Hey Mandy! I just sent your info over to our Service team, so you’ll be getting an email from them with further instructions ASAP. Thanks for your support – hang tight!

  13. I’m super excited. We just met our first goal of $150. How does this process work? What do I need to do next in order to receive or process the donation match?

    Thank you so much for this wonderful program. My first graders are going to be so surprised!

  14. Hi Amie! I’ve asked our Customer Service team to reach out to you with further information – keep an eye on your inbox for a message from! Can’t wait for your 1st graders to get their hands on these kits 🙂

  15. Hey Nichole – I just passed your email address over to our Customer Service team, so you’ll be getting an email from them with further instructions on how to redeem your discount on

  16. I am starting a MakerSpace in the school library. Can’t wait to put these GoldieBlox in there. We have exceeded our goal and are super excited. What do I need to do next to process the matching donation? Thanks for this great opportunity

  17. Hi I wanted to know if you would match funds if the glodie bloxs were being donated to a children’s hospital? My daughter started a gofund me account to support a local children’s cancer Hospital and would love to learn more about you matching opportunities.

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