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The Doll who Chose to Drive

Media We 💛: “The Doll that Chose to Drive”

Yes, we know it’s a commercial. But “La muñeca que eligió conducir” – “the Doll that Chose to Drive” – is a three-minute spot that made us giggle, gasp, and jump for joy. Think Toy Story plus Indiana Jones with a dash of Rey from The Force Awakens.

The commercial is full of classic toys that kids have been playing with forever – doll houses, race cars, stuffed animals, trains, blocks, and tea sets. But when the camera first zooms out, it’s clear that there are pink toys and blues toys, and they’re separate.

When the main character, a doll, finds out that her carriage can’t actually carry her anywhere, she opts to cross the aisle and finds an Audi to help her zoom around the store. And when the lights go on, and a little boy finds the doll and the car together? That’s the best part.

Just like the video says: “Playing, like driving, shouldn’t be influenced by gender stereotypes.”

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