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GoldieBlox introduces Chapter Books with Random House

The reason I started GoldieBlox was because I wanted to share a new role model with girls who didn’t exist – the female engineer. I couldn’t believe there hadn’t been a kid’s brand built around this character, when boys had Handy Many, Lego Man, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (to name a few). Girls had princesses and ponies. So I created Goldie Blox to inspire young girls and built a company around her, starting with a set of construction toys and instruction books with stories designed to get girls building.

Today I am thrilled to announce the next evolution in the character of the female engineer role model–a series of chapter books that brings Goldie Blox to life in a new way! Goldie puts a new face on the Maker generation – a relatable girl who uses STEM to navigate everyday middle school problems – and the books will allow fans to interact with her on a new level.

This book launch has been a long time in the making. When I first started researching construction toys for girls, in fact, I came upon an important insight that has been guiding me for the past 5 years. When I asked an 8 year old girl what her favorite toy was, I got a funny response…. it was not a toy at all… it was a book! Books provide a level of depth, story, and character development that can really spark readers’ imaginations. 

But what are we teaching our children when so many of the books they’re reading lack strong female role models? On TIME’s list of 100 Best Children’s Books, only 53 included female characters who spoke, and even less had female characters who weren’t princesses or girls waiting on their prince.

I am so incredibly proud today to introduce this series that paints a clear picture of a girl engineer that readers can relate to – a character I hope girls and boys will read and grow with for years. And if some of them grow up to be inventors, makers, and engineers, that would be ok with me too.

– Debbie Sterling

P.S. The GoldieBlox chapter books are available for pre-sale on our website and amazon