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10 Inspiring #BeLikeHer Role Models We Just Have to Share

Last week, we launched #BeLikeHer and the internet went nuts! We’re blown away by the overwhelming amount of love this mission is receiving. Let’s keep going!

We believe in the power of role models and are so excited to see you, #GoldieSquad, sharing yours with the world! 

Check out these 10 #BeLikeHer role models who have us feeling unstoppable!

Role models are all around us…

  1. They’re not always famous.#BeLikeHer Role Models
  2. They’re unsung heroes.#BeLikeHer Role Models
  3. They’re devoted to helping others.#BeLikeHer Role Models
  4. They’re our biggest fans.#BeLikeHer Role Models
  5. They’re game changers.#BeLikeHer Role Models
  6. They’re fearless innovators.#BeLikeHer Role Models
  7. They’re paving the way.#BeLikeHer Role Models
  8. They’re keepers of justice.#BeLikeHer Role Models
  9. They’re inspiring the future.#BeLikeHer Role Models
  10. They’re more than just a princess.#BeLikeHer Role Models

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