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3 DIY Christmas Ornaments to Make with your Family

Call me sappy, but I LOVE the holidays because they’re rooted in family traditions. Every year, my family and I make Christmas ornaments to represent important events or memories from the last 12 months. Like when my kids were born, we turned their hospital bracelets into little ornamental globes. (And yes, I STILL cry when I see them!) Then when we decorate the tree every year, we’re reminded of those special moments in our lives and thankful for all we’ve experienced.

This year, one of my highlights was joining GoldieBlox. I always loved the company and my kids love the toys. So when we thought about what to make this year, we decided that creating ornaments from our GoldieBlox pieces was the perfect way to celebrate.

So, without further ado, here’s a snapshot of how we were our own makers this year and engineered ourselves some holiday magic:

Christmas ornaments

#1 “Twinkle Star”

While building our ornaments, my kids and I talked about how their grandparents marked their holidays by hanging their colorful and vibrant Filipino Parol star in their home. My daughter called it her twinkle star and wanted to create her own version. She had fun swapping out different pieces and colors to create her festive ornament.  

What you need to make it: Craft-Struction Box

Level of difficulty: Easy

Build time: 5+ minutes

Age: 5+

Christmas Ornaments

#2 “Let It Snowflake”

My son loves inventing new things out of his GoldieBlox parts. He tosses out instructions and instead engineers his own creations, like solar-powered GoldieBlox toys, fidget spinners, toy launchers, pinhole viewers and the list goes on. Since these weren’t going to fit on the tree, he reimagined his ornament. He wanted to use as many pieces and colors to make it really stand out. What I like most about it is how intricate the design is despite its small size.

What you need to make it: Craft-Struction Box, “Axle-ent Axles” Expansion Pack

Level of difficulty: Advanced

Build time: 10+ minutes

Age: 7+

Christmas Ornaments

#3 “Steampunk Christmas”

Now it was my turn. I used elbow joints and corner joints to attach the axles to create the little square shapes around the edge. But I felt it was missing something. When I got the job at GoldieBlox, it kind of felt like I’d won a gold medal so naturally, I grabbed some gold spray paint! The kids loved this idea and wanted to add their own touch as well.

What you need to make it: (2) Craft-Struction Boxes, Connect-the-Blox Expansion Pack, Rose Gold Spray Paint, Pearl Craft Beads

Level of difficulty: Advanced

Build time: 20+ minutes

Age: 7+ (with adult supervision for the spray painting and hot glue)


We had so much fun building our special ornaments for our tree this year. I hope you and your kids get as much enjoyment building these as much as we did. Share your creations with us on Facebook or Instagram!