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The Best Business Advice I Ever Received…In 4 Words

Starting a business in some ways can be a lot like raising a child. From the moment you tell the world, “I’m having a baby!” or, “I’m starting a company!,” you have officially opened the floodgates for people to weigh in with their (often unsolicited) advice. And that advice is pretty much always incredibly conflicting […]

6 Totally Fun and Kid-Friendly DIY Menorahs to Make This Hanukkah

A few days ago as I started to plan my annual Hanukkah party, I realized this year is going to be a lot different from all the others because this year, I have a KID! And since my husband and I have chosen to raise our son in a dual-faith household, I want to make […]

Disney, I’ll Take Your Princess and Raise You an Engineer

A few days ago, Disney launched its #DreamBigPrincess campaign, showcasing images of real-life young female role models from around the world, like Rong Jing, a 29-year old fencing champion who overcame polio. For everyone who posts a photo tagged with #DreamBigPrincess, Disney will donate $1 to GirlUp, a UN Foundation program that empowers girls around […]

An Open Letter to James Damore

James, As a female engineer, entrepreneur, CEO and mother who has devoted her life to getting more girls and women into engineering through my company, GoldieBlox, I felt I needed to say something about your manifesto and stand up for what I believe in. First of all, I want you to know that I read […]

Kicking Off Two New STEM-Based Web Series to Inspire Kids to Hack Their World

This morning I walked into the office and as I was about to make my morning coffee, I couldn’t help but notice a giant vat of rainbow-colored spaghetti with a big sign that said, “Thawing – please don’t touch!” blocking all the mugs. This put a huge smile on my face as I knew exactly […]

GoldieBlox introduces Chapter Books with Random House

The reason I started GoldieBlox was because I wanted to share a new role model with girls who didn’t exist – the female engineer. I couldn’t believe there hadn’t been a kid’s brand built around this character, when boys had Handy Many, Lego Man, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (to […]

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