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Engineers in the Wild – Gaby Andrade of Intuit

What were you passionate about in elementary school? Was it reading? Science? The monkey bars? When you got to middle school, were you still passionate about it? What about high school? And college? Gaby Andrade, Software Engineer at Intuit, studied international relations and economics in college. It wasn’t until after she finished school that she discovered […]

Engineers in the Wild – Amruta Oak of Kaiser Permanente

This week in our Engineers in the Wild series, we’re excited to feature an engineer from one of our Oakland-based neighbors, Kaiser Permanente! With almost 10 million health plan members, Kaiser provides care for people all over the country – and behind the scenes, that takes a lot of engineering magic. Meet Amruta Oak, Executive Director of […]

Engineers in the Wild – Kandice Gray and Cassie Grant of Toyota

Sienna, Sequoia, Tundra, Avalon – what do all these words have to do with each other? No, not band names – and they’re not codewords for Goldie’s super secret waffle-flipping invention, either (she’s still tweaking that, by the way). They’re vehicles that Kandice Gray and Cassie Grant, engineers at Toyota, have worked on! We asked Kandice and […]

Engineers in the Wild – Sara Beck of Medtronic

Medtronic is the world’s largest standalone medical technology development company. Whoa! Medtronic’s engineers are at the forefront of medical technology – and Senior Mechanical Design Engineer Sara Beck is working to push the incredible research and design her team is doing even farther. What exactly is she working on? Let’s see. What’s your title? Senior […]

Engineers in the Wild – Chelsea O’Connor of 3M

A few of the most well-known brands in the world are part of the 3M family. Ever used a Post-It? That’s them! And Command Strips? Also them! And their slogan – “Science. Applied to Life.” – gets us really excited to hear about Chelsea O’Connor‘s job as an Advanced Project Engineer at 3M. What exactly […]

Introducing our New Coding App, Adventures in Coding – the Rocket Cupcake Co.!

By now, you’ve met Goldie Blox, the world’s first girl engineer character and the leader of our girl-powered revolution. In 2014, we released an app called GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine, where kids could draw, color, sticker and click their way into the Bloxtown Film Festival and learn the fundamentals of animation. Today, GoldieBlox is […]

Gameplay Tips for the Rocket Cupcake Co. App

Our Arcade Hero – um, we mean Director of Game Design, Jenna Chalmers – has some tips and tricks to get the most out of our newest app, Adventures in Coding – The Rocket Cupcake Company. Maps Maps are procedurally generated. If you play a level again, you will get a new map. Huh? That means […]

Engineers in the Wild – Saba Zuberi of TaskRabbit

Cleaning, organizing, shopping – chores are time consuming. But now, they can be easy! TaskRabbit connects users who need things done with people with the skills to get them done. And to build the tools to match those “Taskers” to the tasks, TaskRabbit has a fleet of engineers to get the job done! Today, Saba Zuberi, […]

Engineers in the Wild – Fenglin Liao of Airbnb

Have you ever visited a new city, state, or country and tucked yourself in with stiff hotel sheets? Next time, try staying at an Airbnb – a “community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world.” From a retrofitted school bus in northern California to a bamboo cottage in Bali, Airbnb helps […]

Engineers in the Wild – Lori Harrington of Chevron

When you hear Chevron, what do you think? Gas stations, maybe? Well, Lori Harrington, Process Engineer at Chevron, wants to make sure you understand what she does – because Chevron powers the world! Learn more about how Lori got involved in engineering (even though she went to performing arts school!) and how she keeps the […]