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Engineers in the Wild – Stacey Keetell of lucy

If you’ve ever wanted to wear your jeans at the gym, Stacy Keetell, Product Development Manager at lucy, is the engineer you need to talk to! She leads the team that helps factories understand how to construct lucy’s activewear, and she just helped launch lucy’s indiGO line,  a brand new hyperreal printed fabric that looks […]

Meet the Toy Hackers Team: Simone Giertz of YouTube & GoldieBlox’s Engineers

The maker generation is upon us, and DIY is the new LOL. Type those three letters – DIY, not LOL – into the search bar on YouTube and over 40 million videos pop up. Need to sew a throw pillow? Hit play. Want to turn your lipstick into a pencil eraser? Go for it. Always […]

Engineers in the Wild – Jennifer Branton, PhD, of Boeing

Jennifer Branton, PhD, a Materials, Process, and Physics Chemical Engineer, helps get your airplane off the ground. Well, she helps get a lot of planes off the ground – and she makes sure that when a Boeing aircraft takes flight, it does so in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Ever wonder how that works? […]

How to Set Up Your GoldieBlox GoFundMe Campaign

We want to bring STEM to classrooms all over the country. If you’re a teacher, educator, club leader, parent, or supporter of education, you can start a GoFundMe campaign with these seven steps to get more STEM to students you care about! Step #1: Start your campaign by clicking here GolideBlox campaigns must start via this […]

Engineers in the Wild – Mel Roberts of Chrysler, FCA

How do new cars get designed? And how makes sure they’re good enough to hit the road? That would be Mel Roberts, Engineer Program Manager at Chrysler, FCA! Here’s how she went from building blocks to designing dashboards! What’s your title? Engineering Program Manager Which team do you work on? Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Platform Team […]

Engineers in the Wild – Gaby Andrade of Intuit

What were you passionate about in elementary school? Was it reading? Science? The monkey bars? When you got to middle school, were you still passionate about it? What about high school? And college? Gaby Andrade, Software Engineer at Intuit, studied international relations and economics in college. It wasn’t until after she finished school that she discovered […]

Engineers in the Wild – Amruta Oak of Kaiser Permanente

This week in our Engineers in the Wild series, we’re excited to feature an engineer from one of our Oakland-based neighbors, Kaiser Permanente! With almost 10 million health plan members, Kaiser provides care for people all over the country – and behind the scenes, that takes a lot of engineering magic. Meet Amruta Oak, Executive Director of […]

Engineers in the Wild – Kandice Gray and Cassie Grant of Toyota

Sienna, Sequoia, Tundra, Avalon – what do all these words have to do with each other? No, not band names – and they’re not codewords for Goldie’s super secret waffle-flipping invention, either (she’s still tweaking that, by the way). They’re vehicles that Kandice Gray and Cassie Grant, engineers at Toyota, have worked on! We asked Kandice and […]

Engineers in the Wild – Sara Beck of Medtronic

Medtronic is the world’s largest standalone medical technology development company. Whoa! Medtronic’s engineers are at the forefront of medical technology – and Senior Mechanical Design Engineer Sara Beck is working to push the incredible research and design her team is doing even farther. What exactly is she working on? Let’s see. What’s your title? Senior […]

Engineers in the Wild – Chelsea O’Connor of 3M

A few of the most well-known brands in the world are part of the 3M family. Ever used a Post-It? That’s them! And Command Strips? Also them! And their slogan – “Science. Applied to Life.” – gets us really excited to hear about Chelsea O’Connor‘s job as an Advanced Project Engineer at 3M. What exactly […]