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The Most Important Review of Hidden Figures is by this Little Girl

Hidden Figures came out in December to rave reviews; the film has been nominated for three Oscars, and, as Mic pointed out, beat Star Wars at the box office. Why is all this important? Well, ask Camilla. My daughter wrote a review of her favorite film, @HiddenFigures. Thanks to @octaviaspencer, @JanelleMonae, @TherealTaraji for inspiring her! […]

Recess Isn’t All Fun and Games Anymore – It’s a Science

You remember recess, right? What did it look like at your school? Swings? Jump ropes? Board games? Tag? Teacher-led activities? Blocks? Monkey bars? Free play? Picture books? Tetherball? Maybe it was all of the above. Or none. An organization called SHAPE (Society of Health and Physical Educators) recently made a list of 19 evidence-based strategies […]

GIVEAWAY: Win an advanced copy of GoldieBlox’s new chapter book!

Have you heard the news? In a few months, GoldieBlox’s first chapter book will hit bookshelves near you. We’re still putting the finishing touches on it – we can’t even show you the cover yet! – but because we know you love Goldie, we want to give you the chance to peek at an advanced […]

The 10-Year-Old who Designed the Glitter-Cannon Prosthetic is Just Getting Started

The glitter cannon prosthetic was just the beginning for then-10-year-old, Jordan Reeves. Last year, Jordan participated in an event where she and other kids with limb differences designed their dream prosthetics. Because she’s the coolest now-11-year-old we know, Jordan’s dream was an arm that shot glitter. She called it Project Unicorn. Ta da! Jordan designed […]

Good News: High School Isn’t Too Late to get Teens into STEM

Convincing a high schooler to do anything can feel like an uphill battle. But a new study shows that instilling a love of STEM in your teenager – yes, your teenager – could lead to a big payoff. Scientists led by a team out of the University of Chicago have found that when parents discussed […]

This Single Mom Built her Family a Home with her Bare Hands – and YouTube

Cara Brookins isn’t an engineer. She isn’t an architect. She isn’t a construction worker, either. She’s a single mom with 4 kids, and one day, she decided to build her family a new home. From scratch. Cara had removed herself and her family from an abusive relationship and needed a way to start over. While on […]

Surprise! When the Brain Scrambles Names, it’s Out of Love

Have you ever called your son your sister’s name? Or your brother your BFF’s name? Lucky for you, science now knows why: It’s because you love them. This type of “cognitive glitch,” as scientists have called it, doesn’t have anything to do with a spotty memory. Instead, it has to do with how the brain […]

Media We 💛: “The Doll that Chose to Drive”

Yes, we know it’s a commercial. But “La muñeca que eligió conducir” – “the Doll that Chose to Drive” – is a three-minute spot that made us giggle, gasp, and jump for joy. Think Toy Story plus Indiana Jones with a dash of Rey from The Force Awakens. The commercial is full of classic toys that […]

7 Crowdfunded STEM Projects We Love

GoldieBlox exists because of you. 5 years ago, over 5,000 people pledged to support our mission and first product on Kickstarter, and the rest is history. Crowdfunding is near and dear to our hearts, so we wanted to share 7 projects that support girls and women in STEM that we love! (And if you have a […]

Engineers in the Wild – Crystal Jackson of Raytheon

At 14, Crystal Jackson was confident she would be a math teacher: Her uncle encouraged her to use her love for math to become an engineer. Today, she and her Raytheon teammates develop software that helps F-16 pilots navigate fighter jets. Crystal founded “The No-Quit Zone” to share her journey from teen mom to senior […]